6 Furnace Safety Tips to Keep in Mind this Winter

A furnace is a great way to heat your house, however, it may become dangerous if you are not attentive. Furnace maintenance is one of the most effective ways to ensure your equipment is working properly and safely. Your furnace, like any other fuel-burning device, might develop issues that pose a safety risk in your house. To keep your house safe throughout the season, we’ve put up a list of six furnace safety tips to remember this winter!

  • Check carbon monoxide detectors 

A carbon monoxide leak is one of the most dangerous hazards a broken furnace can bring into your house. That’s why it’s necessary to double-check all of your carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure to examine all of your carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries in each one.

  • Check smoke alarms 

Some serious furnace problems can lead to fire threats, so you should check your home’s smoke alarms. Test all of the smoke alarms in your house, just like you did with your CO detectors, and replace the batteries in each device.

  • Change the filters

It is critical to replace your filters regularly. Clean filters allow your furnace to run more efficiently and prevent dust from entering your house. A clogged filter may lead to many concerns, including decreased efficiency and safety risks. It can also cause performance issues, leading to furnace failure or collapse. In the winter, when you’re using the furnace the most, change the filters at least once every three months. You should call a professional for filter replacement in Toronto, ON.

  • Keep the place around the furnace clean

Keeping the area surrounding the furnace free of trash might help lessen the fire risk. The correct operation of your furnace necessitates the use of fresh air. If the unit doesn’t get enough air, it might deplete the oxygen in your home, putting your entire family at risk.

  • Keep flammable items away from the furnace.

Keep any flammable materials or products away from the heat generated by your furnace. Some homeowners use the area above their furnace for laundry or storage. If you’re using your furnace chamber for more than one function, make sure it’s well-organized. Any object or product left near a hot device poses a safety risk. 

  • Hire a Professional to Repair Your Furnace

If you have a problem with your furnace before the maintenance period, regardless of how handy fixing the issue can be, don’t try doing it yourself. Allow your furnace specialist in Toronto, ON, to provide you with a competent evaluation and perform the necessary repairs, regardless of how minor the issue appears to be. 

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