Emergency Heating & Furnace Repair in Toronto

Emergency Heating & Furnace Repair in Toronto

During the winter months, Toronto can get very cold. When winter finally arrives, many homeowners start to wonder whether their heating system can stand up to months of constant operation. When you prepare for winter, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that your furnace is in good working order. A furnace repair service in Toronto can inspect and repair your heater so that your home does not go without heat when winter arrives.

For your condo building or home, Martino HVAC offers the most professional HVAC service so that you don’t have to worry about your furnace. Our furnace technicians ensure that your furnace is in the best possible condition to keep you and your family warm in the wintertime.

An important fact to remember about furnaces is that they build up dust and dirt inside. A furnace can stop working properly due to an unattended accumulation of these things. Martino HVAC emphasizes regular furnace maintenance in order to avoid breakdowns.

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Our HVAC Services

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Why Choose Martino HVAC?

  • We provide hassle-free repair services

The breakdown of your heating system during winter is a serious issue. It involves a lot of hassle. Martino HVAC provides you with quick and efficient furnace repair services thanks to our knowledgeable and trustworthy technicians. Call us whenever you need furnace repair service and we’ll be right there.

  • Depending on what Type of Furnace you have

We’ll implement the most efficient method. Our work ensures that your furnace runs at maximum efficiency, which means less electricity bill. In addition to making your home more energy-efficient, you also become an advocate for the environment.

  • Our Technicians can Fix Almost any Model

No matter where you purchased your gas furnace or who initially installed your HVAC system, we will be able to repair and maintain it with our wide range of high-quality furnace repair parts.

  • Respond Quickly to your Queries

Our staff will answer your calls and respond to your online inquiries within 30 minutes during normal business hours if you contact us by phone or via our online form. You will receive a service call confirmation within 4 hours of confirming the appointment.

  • Our Team will Arrive on Time at your Door

Waiting all day long does not appeal to anyone. When we say we will be at your door, we will be.

  • The Technicians in our Company are Licensed, Professionals

The technicians we work with are all licensed for the province of Ontario and also have NATE accreditation. There is no subcontracting involved in our company. 

  • Sales Pressure is not Present

Since none of our technicians are paid by commission, you’ll always get honest advice about your heating and cooling needs. Our team will explain all issues to you and suggest solutions that make sense for your priorities.

Our technicians at Martino HVAC use the latest diagnostic equipment to identify your heating and cooling problems and fix them quickly.

Our goal is to give you the comfort you deserve, so we’re available to assist in finding the best furnace repair, Toronto that meets your budget, needs, and requirements. We believe in trust and integrity, so we back our work with several of the best guarantees in the industry. Call us today at (647)-277-9680 or contact us online to schedule same-day HVAC service.

Heating units can sometimes be the most forgotten, yet the most crucial components to homes. When it comes time for heating repair services, you should look out for a few telltale signs that your heating system might need attention.

If your heater has been difficult to turn on or off lately, this is an early sign that there could be a problem with your heating unit. Other first signs of a failing HVAC system include hearing strange sounds coming from your unit as it turns on, such as rattling or growling noises, as well as unusual smells emanating from the vent when the heater turns on.

These are all warning signs that something may not be working right with your heating equipment. Contact Martino HVAC: Toronto right away for heating repairs in Toronto, ON, and the surrounding areas!

Average Repair Cost for Common Furnace Parts

Blower Motor$1500
Control Board$900
Ventor Motor$750
Gas Valve$700
Flame Sensor$450

When you sign up for our Martino Maintenance Plan, you get up to 20% off regular prices. Or if you sign up for our Protection Plan, you get 100% coverage (up to $1500 per year).