Fireplace Installation & Replacement in Toronto, ON

When all you wish is to sit beside the fire with hot chocolate in your hands in chilly weather, a fireplace installation becomes necessary. You need to counter the cold in your way, and what better option than a fireplace? Additionally, a fireplace will beautify your home, giving it an antique and rustic look. So, who should you contact for a fireplace installation or other related services?

The answer is simple! Martino HVAC offers first-rate fireplace installation, replacement, and maintenance services. We have a dedicated team of seasoned experts who know what they’re getting into. Above that, are our prices better than our competitors? What else could a customer want?

Fireplace Installation and Replacement


Having a fireplace in your house beautifies it and keeps it warm in the room it is installed. The heat produced by gas fireplaces is enough to keep you heated throughout the winter, with the only drawback being that it cannot heat a large house. But even more so, it reduces your bills and gives you that cozy feeling you’ve only seen in movies! 

Martino HVAC can help you set up efficient fireplaces that heat specific areas of your house and are aesthetically pleasing. We have the skills, know-how, resources, and tools that distinguish us from others. Apart from that, Martino HVAC’s technicians handle fireplaces and installation processes.

Be it a modern or old-fashioned fireplace, and we know how to deal with them all! It is no surprise that we have the best fireplace installation Toronto team! Get free estimates by calling our representatives and telling them about your needs. We know that each house has varied needs, so we offer varied services! So, are you ready to get your fireplace installed today? 

Why Choose Martino HVAC for Fireplace Installation?


There are various reasons why Martino HVAC is the best option for fireplace installation and replacement in Toronto, ON. They are:

  • Experience with Fireplaces: We have worked for several clients who opted for fireplace installation and replacement. Our company’s professionals have tremendous experience in this field and know their way around a fireplace. 
  • Variety: Martino HVAC knows all about the different types of fireplaces in the market and has worked with gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and so on. Our diverse portfolio in this domain only enforces our recognized status as fireplace-related service providers.
  • Insight: Since we have a lot of experience with fireplaces, we can give you tips and insights on keeping your fireplace efficient. We know methods to keep it in optimal shape, and our technicians can help you take care of your fireplace better.

Martino HVAC has a dominant presence in the HVAC industry of Toronto. We are familiar with the area’s climate and the house types, which only helps us serve the community better. So, what else are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for fireplace installation in Toronto, then contact Martino HVAC. Get free estimates by consulting us via phone on (647)277-9680 or visit our ! Martino HVAC will be there at your disposal!