Air Conditioning Repair in Toronto

As the thermometer escalates, the touch of a cool breeze from the air conditioner acts as a blessing. It provides an oasis of suitable temperature across the room. But a fault in the system can turn the room humid and suffocating.

You have to keep your family in good health by contacting the best air conditioning repair service in Toronto, Martino HVAC. Here, we come up with all kinds of solutions to your problems.

Three Ways To Enhance The Air Quality Of Your Home

A technical glitch or malfunction can be harmful. It decreases the indoor air quality. Measures to be taken to improve :

  • Removal of molds, fungus, and small debris from the air ducts.
  • The air filter needs replacement within 90 to 120 days.
  • In the case of poisonous gas, a carbon monoxide sensor is in need.

We are aware of the significance of indoor air quality. Whenever you detect unusual behavior in your HVAC system, contact our experts for air duct cleaning service.

Signs Your AC Needs A Repair Works

A close look at the indications will help in the right decisions.

  • Change in Temperatur
    While the ac is still on, fluctuation in temperature is one of the early signs. There will be a sudden change from cold to warm air.
  • Unfamiliar Smell

    Detection of burning or unpleasant odor from the system. Any presence of dirt or mold might be the reason for such a smell.

  • A Spike in Energy Bills
    A defect in the system will incur more energy bills every month. You will experience an upsurge without any additional usage.
  • The Thermostat is Not Working Correctly
     When you see that your air conditioner is not maintaining the desired temperature you have set, the thermostat is not functioning correctly.
  • Low on Refrigerant
    The reason behind this is only due to a leakage in the system.
  • Humidity in the Room
    An abundance of moisture throughout the room happens due to inadequate airflow. A hidden flaw is the source of humidity in the room.
  • Loud and Weird Noises
    A fault in the air conditioner produces an abnormal and loud sound while it is on. Generally, a buzzing sound means a broken part, and a whistling sound is an indication that it requires immediate repair.

A collapse of the HVAC unit needs a team of trusted air conditioning repair mechanics in Toronto, ON. We are available for service whenever you need it.

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