Signs Your AC Tune-Up Is Due: Keep Your AC In Top-Notch Condition

Air conditioners have become a necessity in every household in Toronto, especially during summers. AC helps you escape the hot weather outside and have a pleasant temperature in your house so you can relax with your family. Every HVAC appliance needs proper maintenance and tune-ups to have a better shelf life and work efficiently.

Every AC unit needs to be serviced periodically to avoid expensive repairs. Since air conditioners aren’t used in winters, you need a professional technician to tune up your AC before summer. Have you been looking for the best air conditioning contractors in Toronto? You can come to us at Martino HVAC for all your HVAC needs.

Signs To Look Out For –


Here is a list of signs you need to look out for in your air conditioner. If any one of these problems occurs in your AC, it’s time to call a technician to maintain your AC.

  • Leakage Issues

Every air conditioner starts leaking if there is a leak in a refrigerant or the drain pipe is clogged. Leakage can be from the duct or the unit. The drops falling from the AC can also damage your furniture. Before this problem turns into a bigger one, you need to call a trained technician to tune up your AC.

  • Unpleasant Smell

Are you experiencing an odor emitting from your AC? There can be several reasons for odor. You should not ignore such signs and instead call a technician to tune up your AC. AC tune-ups can help keep the unit clean, so your air conditioner does not emit a foul odor.

  • Insufficient Cooling

If your AC doesn’t blow air at the desired temperature and instead blows room temperature air, it’s time to tune up your AC. Insufficient cooling can be caused when the AC is low on refrigerant, the air filters need to be changed, or several other reasons. AC tune-ups can help detect such problems and solve them to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

  • High Electricity Bill

If you are getting high power bills due to AC even after using it for a limited time, you need to get a tune-up of your unit. It can be due to the old age of the AC. AC tune-ups can prevent this from happening and prevent your hassle of looking for a new AC installation service in Toronto.

What Can You Expect From An AC Tune-Up?

Without periodic tune-ups and maintenance, your AC unit can cause expensive repairs. AC tune-ups include checking the refrigerant levels, inspecting capacitors, changing the air filters and fan blades, measuring operating pressure, cleaning drain pipes, and several other services.

How Often Do You Need To Get An AC Tune-Up?


When you start seeing signs that are rather unnatural for an air conditioner, you should call a technician. It is recommended to get your AC tuned up at least once every year and before summer. It can prevent your AC from an unwanted breakdown.

AC tune-ups help your system work efficiently. You should also get your air filter changed every two weeks and clean your AC coils every two months. If you want to increase the efficiency of your AC, schedule an appointment with professional technicians at Martino HVAC today!