What Are The Signs Of A Dirty Air Filter?

Changing the air filters in your home only takes five minutes and is not too costly. Sadly, many households put off changing their air filter for 6-12 months. Your home’s heating and cooling system relies on the HVAC air filters to operate smoothly and effectively.

One of the easiest yet most effective methods is changing your home’s air filter. It takes just a few minutes, yet the benefits are substantial for your heating and cooling system’s efficiency, energy costs, and quality of the air you breathe.

Signs of a Dirty Air Filter:

  • Overheated Air Conditioner  : When the back of the unit becomes excessively warm, it is evident that your AC filter needs to be replaced. A clogged furnace air filter will decrease the lifespan of the AC unit, forcing your unit to work harder, and resulting in more frequent air conditioning repairs in Toronto, ON

  • Warm Air from AC : There are many reasons for decreased HVAC efficiency, but one of the first things we’d recommend checking is your furnace filter, especially if you find that your air conditioner isn’t cooling as much as it usually does or is blowing warm air.  You might end up sitting in an unpleasant pool of perspiration if your air filter is unclean because it won’t enable that cold, refreshing air to travel through it properly.

  • Increased Electricity Bills : It can be challenging to pinpoint the source when the electrical bill increases. However, a dirty air filter is a possible cause and a pretty simple fix. If you’ve replaced the air filter and your electricity bills are still higher than usual, it’s time to call a professional for air conditioning repairs in Toronto, ON.

  • More Allergic Reactions : Those who suffer from dust allergies should change their air filters with extra care. The air filter is going to be covered in pollen and dust as well as pet dander if you have pets. Such contaminants will be pushed out and circulated in the air around your home when the filter becomes saturated with them. You’ll get allergy attacks more frequently, so it’s important to check and replace your filters more frequently. 
  • More Dust Near the Air Vents : Finding dust on surfaces and furniture close to the vents is another typical indicator of a dirty air filter. It’s a clear sign that your air filter needs to be changed if the areas closest to the vents are dustier while others seem cleaner.

Pro tip: Perform the white sheet test to discover if the air filter is unclean. It entails hanging a fresh, white sheet 5 inches away from a vent for at least an hour. If the sheet starts to turn gray, your air filter is dirty. 

The filter is more soiled the grayer the sheet is. High-quality air filters should generally be replaced every three months as a best practice. However, you might need to change the filter more frequently, like once a month, if you have many people or indoor pets.

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